Best Gym In Newark, NJ — The Top Gym in Newark, NJ Is Ironbound Fitness

Ironbound Fitness
Go hard or go home! If you’re not ready to really put the work in and be molded into your best self, don’t even bother coming in the door. Located in the heart of Newark, New Jersey’s very own Little Portugal, Ironbound Fitness places itself above and beyond the typical gym experience. Flush with the latest equipment and a clean open space to really get deep into your workout it’s quickly becoming more than just a neighborhood staple.

Whether you’re interested in losing weight, or you’re a nationally renowned bodybuilder prepping for your next competition Ironbound Fitness is tailored around your needs. Most Newark gyms are only targeted towards one kind of client, but not here and that’s why it’s been eyed as one of the best gyms in New Jersey.

Front entrance of the best gym in Newark

A true highlight of this New Jersey gym is the fact that it’s 24 hours. If you’ve ever been to any gym you know that the most crowded times of the day are early mornings before work (5-8 am) and right after work (4-7 pm). Ironbound Fitness understands that for many people the gym is an escape. Maybe you’ve had a rough day and just need to let off some steam. Not leave a crowded noisy workplace to come straight into another crowded noisy place.

By offering a 24-hour gym service New Jersey best gym caters to everyone. Whether you’re a night owl who needs to destress before going to bed, or a new mom who’s only got a half hour to punch the bag before she has to resume her job as the commander in chief of her family; Ironbound Fitness is welcome to everyone and ready to accommodate your specific needs. Try to find a TOP GYM in Newark with better trainer-client relationships, you won’t!

Various cable machines

Not many Top Gyms in newark offer this kind of service. Especially one so open to the community that offers free parking in its highly-monitored garage and top notch security. Safety is of the upmost importance to the staff at Ironbound Fitness, in regards to both physical training and the general public. The staff really want their clients to be safe within the space of the gym as well as when they leave and make their way home no matter the time of day.    

Open since 2010, Ironbound Fitness has gone through a number of changes. From cosmetic lifts like adding a new floor and consistently updating equipment, to redesigning their fitness classes to be more individually tailored to each client. It’s redefining what it means to have a premium gym membership by not only adding additional hours of operation, but hiring expert trainers. What does stay the same however are the loyal members who have remained committed to the local Newark gym since it’s 2010 opening. They’ve witnessed the growth and community aspect of hands down the best gym in New Jersey.

Hammer strength machines

If you’re remotely familiar with Newark, New Jersey health clubs, you’ll understand why this one stands out from the pack. Most places provide the bare necessities when it comes to fitness. Think squat racks, worn out free weights, rusty elliptical machines, and moldy mats. Not the ideal place to transform your body into a something healthy and strong, right? Ironbound Fitness is not your grandfather’s gym. It’s up to date with the current world of health and fitness. Some of the best bodybuilders in the industry train here. Take Jhonson Solano, Power Lifter who competed in a powerlifting competition and placed 3rd in his first USA PL competing at 163 lb. class. Ironbound Fitness molded the young athlete in ways much deeper than just physical appearance, “I originally came to Ironbound Fitness to you know just get in shape, but when I met some of the bodybuilders and powerlifters that were here, I was really impressed with the way they trained and just kind of fell in love with lifting.”

The squat rack that helped prepare Jhonson Solano for the USA PL

The success of the best gym in newark is all indebted to owner Sergio Allegretti, a nationally ranked bodybuilder who competed in the 2000 NPC Masters National Championships, 2000 NPC Junior National Championships, and 2000 NPC Junior USA Championships. With his guidance and vision to make a local gym that didn’t feel limited or impersonal, Ironbound Fitness is the success of someone seeing a real need in the community for a quality health club.

Most corporately owned health clubs or big chain health clubs fall short when it comes to making their clients feel listened to. The top rated gym in Newark Ironbound Fitness has staffed themselves with the nicest trainers and has made it their mission to insure quality services as they know that they’re not only a representation of Newark gyms, but a representation of all New Jersey gyms.

Treadmills at the New Jersey Gym Ironbound Fitness

Newark’s top rated gym also offers 45 free fitness group classes! Everything from Step Aerobics to Full Body Latin Fusion. Newark’s best gym is all about community fun. That’s why it takes its group classes so seriously. One of the most popular classes has been its Zumba class. Being located in the heart of Little Portugal brings in a lot of Portuguese, Brazilian, and Latino clientele. The rhythmic beats of Zumba combined with the latest dance moves allows clients to sweat, but also have a raging good time.
This video uploaded by one of the Ironbound Fitness members gives a nice look at the zumba class offered


Zumba originated in Colombia by Alberto Perez, a well-known choreographer. It focuses on Latin music including, samba, soca, salsa, merengue, mambo, and a touch of hip hop. Zumba is a great way to sculpt your body and burn fat. This top rated New Jersey gym is all about helping you be your best you! Many people are hesitant to try Zumba, but once they start they find it to be exhilarating. New Jersey’s best gym is full of interesting and exciting classes. No other Newark gym offers this impressive variety of classes.   

Another client favorite at this New Jersey top rated gym is the kickboxing class. Going from beginner to intermediate the class starts with the basics allowing clients to join in at any time. There’s no pressure to be perfect at this Newark gym. Group trainer’s main focus for their clients is to get them to be the best that they can be. It takes a lot of courage to step into a kickboxing class as kickboxing isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s tough, but fun!

Whether you’re looking to train and get in the ring with kickboxing or just trying to get active with step aerobics New Jersey’s top rated gym can offer you plenty of space to design your own workout routine. The Newark gym personal trainers can really help you step up your fitness game.


The Newark gym also offers a delicious shake bar that is truly unrivaled. Offering various meal supplements as well as mass builders, the protein shakes are well prepared and follow strict dietary guidelines of each client. The shake bar also comes stocked with gym favorites like Muscle Milk and protein bars.

Large corporate gyms are not even in competition with the Newark best gym. One thing that women find so appealing about this New Jersey gym is the range of activities they offer. The gym caters to everyone’s needs. Women who’ve been going to the Newark gym comment that “Other New Jersey gyms just don’t have what this Newark gym offers. Most corporate gyms only offer a few classes that get filled up immediately. Here I was actually able to get into a Zumba class.” A new mom who was interviewed expressed that, “I just had a baby and I really needed some me time, so coming to my local Newark gym really allowed me to not only feel unjudged, but also helped me get my confidence back after having a baby.”

This top rated New Jersey gym is a community staple. Located right on Ferry street the booming music from the step aerobics classes or Zumba classes mix in with the traditional Portuguese atmosphere. This Newark gym understands the values of its community and aims to be a part of it, not alienate it. Lots of gyms don’t play cultural music and stick to the basic house, and techno dance beats. At this New Jersey gym, they know what their clients are into, and have personal trainers and group trainers tailor everything to their liking.

Dumbmbells at this Newark Gym go up to 140lb!

Gym culture has definitely taken over, but this New Jersey gym doesn’t subscribe to the typical gym format. They’re innovative in their approach. No matter if it’s their shake bar, their two-floor design, or even the 45 amazing fitness classes they offer. What’s most important and what rivals other Newark gyms is the personal relationships built between personal trainers and clients.

Local Newark gyms often struggle to find what their clients need. Newark gyms can be quite overcrowded not to mention have terrible operating hours. Most New Jersey gyms open from 7 am-10 pm. This gym is the only Newark gym open 24 hours a day. Other local Newark gyms follow the same corporate gym models that their competition does and often alienate their clients. Ironbound Fitness is a Newark gym that offers a whole new model in regards to fitness.

Ironbound Fitness is also extremely close to Downtown Newark where they’ve just opened a brand new Whole Foods supermarket. Making it easier for clients who train in the Newark gym to keep healthy and clean eating lifestyles. A personal trainer of the Newark top rated gym can easily give their clients lists of groceries that are delicious and easy to find.

You know/ your average gym does not contain a step machine!

Then again, a personal trainer’s job at this Newark gym is to help clients be the best they can be. Any gym goer can tell you that the way to a better body starts inside the body. That’s what they like to promote at one of the top rated gyms in New Jersey, all around health.

Other health clubs lack in informing their clients. A personal trainer or group trainers job is much more than basic instruction. If clients wanted basic instruction they could sit home in their living room and work out to a DVD. No, they came to this top rated Newark gym to transform their bodies. They expect their personal trainers to be well informed.

Just taking a walk around the Newark gym people are friendly and welcoming, but they’re also there to exercise. They’re focused on themselves and building their own strength and endurance. Some people come to the Newark gym to train for bodybuilding competitions. Others come because they’ve finally decided to get the body that they’ve always wanted. No matter what the reason is, the personal trainers and group trainers at Ironbound Fitness are at your disposal. Your goals become their goals at this top rated New Jersey gym.

You’ll never have to wait for cardio equipment during the summer season!

Building a client’s self-esteem is extremely important at this Newark gym. When a client leaves the New Jersey gym feeling invigorated and looking just right, they refer their friends and bring them into the fold to help invigorate their lives as well.

If you’re looking for a place to really transform your life, this top rated New Jersey gym is exactly where you should begin your journey. Looking at all the health clubs around this Newark gym, or even in any of the neighboring New Jersey cities Ironbound Fitness is ahead of the pack. Health clubs are notorious for sapping every dime out of its clients not this Newark gym. The New Jersey gym really cares about the service their clients are receiving and offers payment plans to accommodate everyone.

Ironbound Fitness is the best gym around. Don’t take my word for it, come right in and request a 3-day pass. It’s important to experience New Jersey’s best gym for yourself. If you decide this New Jersey staple is for you they offer reasonably priced membership plans. Currently their price points are 30 a month for year contract, 60 for no contract, 200 up front for 6 months or 300 for 12 months. Get serious about turning your body into the temple that it was made to be. Ironbound Fitness is the best gym in Newark, New Jersey and it’s ready when you are.